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20 Juli 2011

Remove NoFollow Attribute on Comments in Blogsome


Are you a Blogsome who want to join Do Follow Blogger movement by removing NoFollow attribut in comments? You have come to the right place.
After some trial and error, I manage to set my blog on Blogsome to “Do Follow” mode. This is how to set Do-Follow on Blogsome;

  1. Change your comment author url using following code:
  2. Change your comment text using following code:
    {capture name='text_comment'}{comment_text}{/capture}
  3. Test it by search “nofollow” in your every blog page source. If you have not found any nofollow attribute, then you pass :)
That’s all. It is very easy to remove “No Follow” attribute on Blogsome. Do you have any other solution than this one? Please let me know by posting it in comment.
For other type of blog, Beta Blogger for Dummies has comprehensive post on how to disable No Follow in Blogger and Semilogic has plugin for do follow on Wordpress.
If you wonder why I should remove nofollow attribute from comments, you can read on Do Follow Blogroll page to find out why :)

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